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Acupuncture For Boosting The Immune System

I originally started seeing Tybee back in 2003 for help with symptoms associated with vestibular dysfunction (an inner ear disorder triggered by a virus). My ear problem has improved significantly, and the acupuncture treatments have helped manage my occasional symptoms and flare-ups.

An unexpected side effect was a strengthened immune system. I would typically get a winter bronchial infection every

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Acupuncture for Anxiety


I always say “acupuncture day” is a vacation from myself. Anxiety is gone, and I feel so calm and relaxed! Finally I can think logically and enjoy my day. It’s seriously amazing, and I hope someday everyone will give it a try!


Acupuncture for Health and Wellness

“Tybee is a consummate professional in her field, constantly seeking education and professional development in her chosen area of expertise.

I attended her clinic for the best part of at least 4 years and never regretted one session, and throughout that period, she consistently improved my health and well being. She recommended lifestyle changes that helped me cope

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Acupuncture For Lower Back Pain

I am a patient who had developed some severe lower back pain and now after working with Tybee am virtually pain free.

I work in sales and am on my feet most of the day. I’m also in a band and on weekends; I’m playing 3 or 4 hours at a time standing and holding my instrument while also loading

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