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3 Tips to Keep Mentally Healthy in the Fall

While many people embrace the approach of fall, with its vibrant colors, cooler temperatures, and shorter days, others notice a dangerous shift in their mental health. For some, the decrease in temperature means more time indoors and that can have a negative impact on our physical and mental health. Here are three tips to maintain your mental health during the fall. 

sun shining through fall leaf

Keep Your Vitamin D Levels in Check

It’s easy to get lots of vitamin D during the warm summer months, but with shorter days come fewer hours of sunshine which can translate to less time spent outside. This can make it increasingly difficult to get the vitamin D you need. 

Low levels of vitamin D can cause a host of health issues so keeping your levels in check is important during the colder and sometimes darker fall and winter months. While you can increase your intake through diet changes, a vitamin D supplement might be the most effective way to maintain your intake and keep levels in the right range. Talk to me to see what is right for you. 

The Importance of Sleep

The cooler temperatures of fall can often bring the urge to hibernate or spend a little more time under those cozy blankets. Keep in mind that this could be disrupting your sleep patterns which can also bring about a host of health issues. The fewer hours of sunlight can also give the urge to stay in bed longer. Sleep experts recommend keeping the same bedtime and waking time throughout the week. Don’t let yourself sleep the weekends away! You can also use the cooler temperatures to your advantage, as the body sleeps best in a cool environment. 

Stay Hydrated

Believe it or not, we’re more likely to be dehydrated in the winter months. This makes sense if you think about it; it’s not as warm out, so we’re less thirsty. Dry skin and a lack of energy might just be the keys to recognizing you’re dehydrated. 

There are lots of ways to track your hydration including apps and fancy water bottles. You can also maintain your hydration through drinking herbal tea for a warm beverage during those cooler mornings and evenings. You can also incorporate foods with a high moisture content including apples, pears, celery, lettuces, cucumbers, butternut squash, and pomegranate among other options. 

As you embrace sweater weather, embrace your mental health by making sure you get enough sleep, stay hydrated, and keep up with your vitamin D.

This can make all the difference to help you enjoy a healthy fall!

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