Acupuncture for Lyme Disease


I am a patient that was diagnosed with, and was very ill from, Lyme disease and am now 100 percent cured!

This disease is very difficult to treat, and if you make a mistake you may be sick for the rest of your life. I can not tell you how lucky I was to have Tybee’s help. The acupuncture treatments really helped get me through, at times I was really falling apart and some of the symptoms like inflammation of the lymph were eased on the spot and in a very dramatic way!!

My Lyme specialist (crucial you work with one not your regular doctor if you are sick with Lyme) stated that the reason that I did well was in part due to acupuncture and of course amazing high and constant doses of antibiotics over several months time.

If you have Lyme don’t overlook acupuncture! I want to point out I got very sick from Lyme and now I am cured, only because it was a part time job worth of effort to get myself better.

For people serious about motivating to get better feel free to get my contact number from Tybee as I am a Lyme advocate and I have much to say about this complicated disease.